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Case Histories

Leveraging Assets to Drive Adherence

Client Challenges

  • Manufacturer was experiencing suboptimal adherence for its specialty pharmacy product, even though it was the category’s market leader.

  • Variability in product usage negatively affected the product’s performance and company profitability.

  • Manufacturer wanted to secure its market position in anticipation of new product entries.

SHA Solutions

  • Created a disease-management program for specialty pharmacy providers (SPPs) and managed care organizations (MCOs) to increase patient engagement.

  • Leveraged existing client assets to minimize program development costs and streamline internal reviews.

  • Organized materials into bite-sized resources for case managers to deliver to members and conduct patient counseling.

  • Developed an interactive website to house all patient and case-manager resources and allow case managers to view and track patient preferences.

  • Provided field team with training materials and tools to solicit and onboard other SPPs and MCOs into the program.

Client Outcomes

  • The initiative’s success enabled the account management team to move beyond pharmacy/medical directors and gain access to payer C-suite executives.

  • Relationship with SPPs and MCOs moved from being purely transactional to a mutually beneficial partnership.

  • Customer focus shifted from product acquisition cost to quality improvement; some SPPs replaced their existing continuous quality improvement initiative with the manufacturer’s program.

  • After 1 year, product adherence increased significantly among patients enrolled in this program (P<0.0001 vs. pre-enrollment).

  • Improved adherence led to a significant return on investment, making the program a profit center for the organization.

What this Means to You

At SHA, we don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We are extremely skilled at maximizing existing assets to help you succeed in new, emerging, or crowded/challenging markets.

To learn more about how SHA can provide customized solutions to fit your team’s needs, please contact us at (201) 623-0978 or solutions@shalliance.com. We look forward to partnering with you.