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Case Histories

Creating Market Access: Product Launch in a Non-Existing Market

Client Challenges

  • Differentiating a new antiobesity agent to achieve formulary coverage among health plans.

  • Overcoming market challenges associated with this therapeutic category, including a bad history with previous antiobesity drugs, lack of coverage because of payer perceptions that obesity is a lifestyle issue, and the entry of 3 antiobesity drugs into the market at the same time.

SHA Solutions

  • Segmented and profiled essential payer accounts as targets for driving formulary inclusion.

  • Developed a proprietary system to assess current formulary coverage of antiobesity agents.

  • Created strategic account “snapshots” enabling account managers to discuss the plan’s category coverage.

  • Scheduled and attended meetings between account managers and targeted plans to guide key-account access.

  • Enhanced formulary coverage efforts by generating supplemental message cascades and account manager tools (burden of illness non-personal promotion and branded materials) to drive formulary coverage.

Client Outcomes

  • Targeted approach enabled the client to gain access and significantly increase its share of voice among key payer stakeholders.

  • Pre-call research and planning allowed account managers to better understand the needs/concerns of payers in this disease state.

  • Within 9 months’ post-launch, the product became the category’s market leader.

What this Means to You

SHA can help you identify and target important payer accounts to improve formulary coverage of your product(s). We can also create non-branded and brand-specific messaging that is appropriate across an individual product’s lifecycle, as well as throughout your company’s entire product portfolio(s).

To learn more about how SHA can provide customized solutions to fit your team’s needs, please contact us at (201) 623-0978 or solutions@shalliance.com. We look forward to partnering with you.