Specializing in Market Access and Reimbursement Strategies

About Us – What We Do

Helping drive product adoption is
all that we do

By developing strategies, messages, and tools, we differentiate our clients in the crowded healthcare marketplace using a data-driven, targeted strategy that drives adoption and maximizes reimbursement for their products.

Innovative thinking to differentiate
your product

SHA creates content and message development by translating payer feedback into value statements and message cascades, while providing insights into key business issues that impact payer-management strategies.

Delivering access to hard-to-reach, payer decision makers

In building long-standing payer relationships, we maintain a proprietary database of hard-to-reach decision makers to support your portfolio with business-to-business approaches that foster partnerships beyond products alone.

Showcasing your leadership

SHA is adept at helping manage the unique needs of your internal customers and can support account manager implementation by providing meaningful information in a timely fashion.