Specializing in Market Access and Reimbursement Strategies

WHO We Are

Strategic Healthcare Alliance (SHA) is a full-service healthcare communications company specializing in market access and reimbursement strategies across US and global payer constituents. Our organization assists pharmaceutical, biotech, and device manufacturers with supporting their product portfolios by aligning the needs of target stakeholders with the offerings of the organizations. This business-to-business approach fosters partnership that goes beyond products alone, and it allows our clients to successfully compete in competitive marketplaces.


By developing strategies, messages and tools, we help our clients differentiate in this crowded marketplace and maximize their marketing efforts using a data-driven, targeted strategy that drives adoption and maximizes reimbursement for their products.

WHO We Help

SHA specializes in market access and reimbursement strategies targeting the full spectrum of payers on behalf of pharmaceutical, biotech and device manufacturers.

WHY We're Different

SHA provides a proven track record of driving collaboration between disparate groups, understanding stakeholder perspectives and serving as a conduit between parties. We provide complete turnkey service, which includes overall management and thorough follow up in order to ensure that the strategy is achieved, timelines are met, and the budget is adhered to.

In building long-standing payer relationships we have access to hard-to-reach decision makers to support your product and portfolio with business-to-business approaches that foster partnerships beyond products alone.

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